Meet the LIONHEART Tactical Training Group Founders!

LIONHEART TTG is the brainchild of Mark McGougan and Caleb Shropshier (AKA Shrop). Mark and Shrop are both passionate about firearms and tactical training. Both Mark and Shrop bring years of experience to the table from their Law Enforcement and Military Backgrounds. LIONHEART TTG’s main mission is to provide the user (you) with innovative and comprehensive firearms instruction, training, and tactics.

LIONHEART TTG takes great pride in providing each student with the best possible training. Striving to create a welcoming and friendly atmosphere where learning can take place and the student can become much more skilled and confident in their shooting abilities.

LIONHEART means to be BRAVE and COURAGOUES. That is what we believe each student embodies when they want to better protect themselves and their loved ones.


Mark McGougan

Co-Founder/Lead Instructor

Mark is an 11-year USCG veteran and a homegrown local to Charleston. During his time in the USCG he was a Maritime Enforcement Specialist with more than 9 years directly involved with USCG Maritime Law Enforcement operations. Most notable for being an Airborne Use of Force Precision Marksman and Precision Marksman instructor (CG sniper) who's primary mission, from a helicopter, was disabling noncomplaint vessels smuggling large quantities of narcotics.

Mark also became certified in many training schools such as Basic Tactical Operations Course, Nationally Registered EMT, and Advanced Life Saving / Live tissue school.

Mark honorably left the USCG to pursue his bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and became a Police Officer for the City of Charleston (CPD) where he was awarded top shot at both SCCJA Police Academy and CPD's Police Academy. He was a patrol officer for a couple years before leaving to become an Instructor at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) in Charleston SC.

Mark currently works as a Federal Maritime Law Enforcement Instructor for the Maritime Law Enforcement Academy in Charleston. There he instructs multiple classes such as ground defensive tactics and shoot house tactics/procedures.


Caleb Shropshier A.K.A. Shrop

Co-Founder/Lead Instructor

Shrop is an active Law Enforcement Officer with over 12 years of Law Enforcement experience. During Shrop’s Law Enforcement career, Shrop has worked Uniform Patrol, the Neighborhood Resource Officer Unit, Intelligence Led Policing Unit (Full-Time SWAT), and is currently serving in the Training Unit.

Shrop is an active SWAT Team (10 Years) member. His current role is Team Leader and Training Coordinator. He has held many different roles as a SWAT Team operator to include shield operator, breacher, less lethal, and Team Lead.

Shrop is a National Rifle Association (NRA) certified Rifle Instructor, International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors (IALEFI) Pistol Instructor, Taser Instructor, South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy (SCCJA) Driving Instructor, SCCJA Defensive Tactics Instructor, Sage Dynamics certified Red Dot Sight Instructor, and Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) certified Active Shooter Instructor. Shrop is also certified through the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy in Specific Skills Instruction (SSI) and Basic Instructor Development (BID).

Shrop has been through the Hostage Rescue Tactics (HRT) program at the Government Training Institute (GTI), South Carolina SWAT Summit in Columbia South Carolina, and the Charleston City Police Department Basic SWAT School. Shrop has his bachelor’s degree from the University of South Carolina at Aiken.