Pistol & Rifle Course: (AR15/M4) Plus (Pistol) Advance Course.

Pistol & Rifle Course: (AR15/M4) Plus (Pistol) Advance Course.

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  • This course is an advanced course for experienced shooters who want to increase their abilities with their rifle and pistol.
  • This course will focus on rifle and pistol fundamentals as well as speed and marksmanship.
  • This course will include transitions from rifle to pistol, magazine exchanges, malfunction drills, cover/concealment, and shooting while moving.
  • Come out and enjoy a great learning and training experience with LIONHEART TTG!

*ONLY AR15/M4 Rifle Platform*


This course will include:

  • Range Safety Brief
  • Medical Brief
  • Weapon Transition
  • Magazine Exchange
  • Malfunction Drills
  • Cover/Concealment
  • Shooting while Moving

Required Items:

  • AR15/M4 Style Rifle ONLY
  • Pistol (NO Revolvers)
  • At least 02 Magazines, 03-04 preferably for each weapon system
  • 400 Rounds of Ammunition (200 Pistol, 200 Rifle)
  • Magazine pouch, either on belt or plate carrier for extra magazines (Pistol and Rifle Mags)
  • Rifle Sling
  • Pistol Holster
  • Eye and Ear Protection (Electronic Earmuffs Recommended)
    • [Will have Eye and Ear Protection for purchase if need be]
  • Ball Cap (Protection from expended brass and sun)

*Recommended to bring a cleaning kit*

*All students must be the age of 18 or older and be lawfully allowed to possess a firearm*

*Anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be allowed on the range*

*LIONHEART TTG reserves the right to refuse service to anyone*