Pistol ONE: Pistol Safety, Mechanics, and Fundamentals

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  • This course is designed for the person who has little to no experience with a pistol. If you are a new shooter, unfamiliar with your pistol, or just want to learn more about pistol safety, mechanics, and fundamentals, then this course is for you!
  • This course will start with the very basics of Range and Pistol Safety and gradually move forward with Pistol Fundamentals.
  • This course will be completed on the range and will have you feeling more comfortable and confident with your pistol at the day’s end. Come out and enjoy a great learning and training experience! 


Required Items:

  • Personal Pistol, with at least 1 magazine
  • 100 Rounds of Ammunition
  • Eye and Ear Protection (Electronic Earmuffs Recommended)
    • [Will have Eye and Ear Protection for purchase if needed]
  • Holster for Pistol (Inside the Waistband or Outside the Waistband)
    • Students will draw from the holster.
  • Ball Cap Recommended (Protection from expended brass and sun)

*All students must be the age of 18 or older and lawfully able to possess a firearm*

*Anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be allowed on the range*

*LIONHEART TTG reserves the right to refuse service to anyone*